et-bookWords have power. Successful preachers, hucksters and salesmen all know that. They have the power to transform the thoughts and lives of people—sometimes in radical and even dramatic ways. Hitler brought about World War II through haranguing the German people. And during the campaign for the 2004 election, which as I write is beginning at a feverish pace, the candidates are relying heavily upon speech. Today—more than at any other time in history—we live in a sea of speech. Recognizing these facts, it is evident that the speech we use in our families, before our children, is an important matter. It is with that matter that Jay Younts deals in this book in depth. He is concerned not only with that which we consciously say to them, but also with that which they imbibe from our casual—and often thoughtless—conversation. The book is an awakening call to those who have never given serious thought to the effect of their speech upon their children. But it doesn’t only send a clarion call, it also provides direction for change. It shows the reader how to bring about good things through speech and guides him in dealing with poor habits of speech. The book has been long in coming, and now that it has arrived the Christian community has a guide to an issue of utmost importance. Many families will be blessed by using it to help them in their desire to have loving, obedient children who serve the Lord.

Sample Chapter

“This book gives great hope and encouragement to us. It is amazingly practical and refreshingly biblical. It reminds us that our every-day talk influences our children greatly. By God’s grace we plan on implementing Everyday Talk today!”

—Lance and Beth Quinn, Pastor and wife, The Bible Church of Little Rock

“John has a conversational approach that brings Biblical principles right down to the level of today’s parent. This work can be used for various ages; it is not just for the younger kids. I will recommend it often.”

—Bill Shannon, Pastor for Children’s Ministries & Pastoral Care, Grace Community Church


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