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1 Everyday Talk 247Blog Variations – Everyday Talk 247
  • Authority and the gospel

    Parents, your authority is established by what you honor. What you honor, what you value is a window into who you are. And the people who are looking the most closely through that window are your children. What you value the most is shown most clearly by your actions and not your words. The thoughts of what you value most are more transparent than you realize. These hidden thoughts are a huge factor in establishing your authority as a parent. Why? Because being driven by what God says is ...
  • The Curse of Self-pleasure

    As the reality of God has dimmed in the life-flow of modern culture, an exchange of truth for an illusion has occurred.  The illusion is that humans have a right to self-pleasure. After all, we are entitled to the pursuit of happiness.  In this exchange, God and the Bible are portrayed as opponents to the quest for pleasure.  We have been told that the pursuit of pleasure with our bodies is the route to happiness. In his book, The Hacking of the American Mind, Professor Robert Lustig, ...
  • Welcome to everydaytalk 24/7!

    This is a new site that features podcasts, posts and other resources designed to help you make the words you use daily bring honor to God. These are the words that matter!   Podcasts are the distinctive feature of this site.  These podcasts are short, 8-12 minutes in length. Each podcast will have a particular focus designed to stay with you in the everyday milieu that is your life. We will be adding at least one new podcast each week, so check back often! Each week there will be new ...
  • At Break of Day

    The monochrome of daybreak is warming to the touch of the sun. The air is still. The quiet of night is fading. Soon engines, birds, wind in the trees and the sounds of morning will usher in a new day. While there is wonder in how this day will unfold its mysteries, there is no doubt that the steady hand of God will bring what he has planned.  It is true, there is no promise this day will bring what I want, that I will be shielded from my deepest apprehensions. There is only the promise that ...
  • Review: Shepherding a Child’s Heart

    Shepherding a Child’s Heart is foundational book for building a biblical framework to raise your family in a way that brings honor to God and integrates the gospel into each portion of your parenting.
  • Review: The Image

    The Image by Daniel Boorstin will help you understand the how the news media creates  "pseudo events” to manipulate and shape public opinion.
  • Everyday Talk: Talking Freely and Naturally about God with Your Children

    The most important conversations you will have with your kids will be in the context of everyday life. In 'Everyday Talk, ' author John Younts explains how to use ordinary conversations to talk to your kids about God and his world. You?ll be delighted by his clear, practical insight and biblical wisdom. Buy this book and read it. But don't stop there?put it into practice. Your children will thank you!
  • A day at a time

      There is a sobering reality that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Cancer reveals the vulnerability of humans, all humans. Not everyone has cancer, but everyone is human. Humans are subject to the hand of God. He alone determines the number of your days. A cancer diagnosis highlights this reality. A cancer diagnosis means life happens a day at a time. My oncologists talk to me in terms percentages. There is a 30 to 40% chance my cancer will return . If I make it for 2 years being ...