A day at a time


There is a sobering reality that comes with a cancer diagnosis. Cancer reveals the vulnerability of humans, all humans. Not everyone has cancer, but everyone is human. Humans are subject to the hand of God. He alone determines the number of your days. A cancer diagnosis highlights this reality. A cancer diagnosis means life happens a day at a time.

My oncologists talk to me in terms percentages. There is a 30 to 40% chance my cancer will return . If I make it for 2 years being cancer free those percentages begin to significantly diminish. My treatment ended 15 months ago, so that means another 9 months to reach 2 years. The percentages for my wife’s cancer were different. At the time of her diagnosis her projected survival rate was 11 months, with a 20% chance of living 3-5 years. She lived 3 ½ years after her diagnosis. In a way, we both did well with the percentages, but with different outcomes. Percentages, another way of expressing vulnerability.

God does not deal in percentages. What he plans, happens, period. A cancer diagnosis shouts vulnerability. But the truth is being human means being vulnerable. Unless you have cancer or a similarly potential lethal disease, you probably don’t view life through the lens of percentages. But you are just as vulnerable as anyone who has cancer. You have no guarantee of tomorrow.

God doesn’t do random. He doesn’t play percentages. Everyone is vulnerable. Each day is an opportunity to celebrate your vulnerability before God.

Your life happens a day at a time.

What will you do with this day?

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