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This is a new site that features podcasts, posts and other resources designed to help you make the words you use daily bring honor to God. These are the words that matter!   Podcasts are the distinctive feature of this site.  These podcasts are short, 8-12 minutes in length. Each podcast will have a particular focus designed to stay with you in the everyday milieu that is your life. We will be adding at least one new podcast each week, so check back often! Each week there will be new ...

Authority and the gospel

Parents, your authority is established by what you honor. What you honor, what you value is a window into who you are. And the people who are looking the most closely through that window are your children. What you value the most is shown most clearly by your actions and not your words. The thoughts of what you value most are more transparent than ...

At Break of Day

The monochrome of daybreak is warming to the touch of the sun. The air is still. The quiet of night is fading. Soon engines, birds, wind in the trees and the sounds of morning will usher in a new day. While there is wonder in how this day will unfold its mysteries, there is no doubt that the steady hand of God will bring what he has planned.  It is ...

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